The Catechism Class // La classe de catéchisme {Paris Street Photography}


The Catechism Class // La classe de catéchisme © Chant Wagner 2018

The photograph is allusive because I did not clearly see who the persons in the catechism class were - and didn't really want to. I could hear them. At one point, a woman started singing a pretty song with a pretty voice which soared in that corner of the church...

It was an hymn to the Virgin Mary which aimed to teach humility by telling listeners to learn to say yes to Mary, repeatedly. You saw the point, but felt qualms about the pedagogical thrust of the song amidst the scandals that the Catholic church is experiencing. Teaching humility, which can be interpreted as meek obedience by children, is a lesson which takes on a fuller meaning only later in life. Too soon, and you're formatting young minds.

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