Happy International Day of Happiness // Joyeuse Journée Internationale du Bonheur {Paris Street Photography}


A Version of Happiness // Une version du bonheur © Chant Wagner 2018

You can be happy every day, but you can show happiness on #InternationalDayofHappiness, one of the most unfair celebrations in the world...

Indeed, data I saw on TV today, suggest that what makes up happiness is 50% genetic in origin. Then, there is fortunately the capacity to choose your response to life for something like 40%. Finally, externalities contribute for 10% to the rest of your state of mind.

If that could be as simple as that. It evens out in the end. Haven't you met people who love to complain, cry, be sad and morose? Simple happiness is too obvious to them, floating between air quotation marks. Aren't they happy in their own wayward ways?

Here's a version of happiness.

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