The Incense Burner at Notre-Dame de Paris // Le bruloir a encens a Notre-Dame de Paris {Paris Street Photography}


The Incense Burner at Notre-Dame de Paris // Le brûloir à encens à Notre-Dame de Paris © Chant Wagner 2018

I was moved to stroll back in the direction of the altar at Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, pulled in by a powerful scent of beeswax, which as it grew more and more omnipresent indicated its origin was getting closer. Before identifying the altar and the mass going on as the sources for the intense smell, I kept thinking that the church's tall wax candles were exuding all the bees' world trapped in them...

A bellowing cloud of incense finally revealed the raw smell of beeswax was part of the blend they use to burn at the altar at Notre-Dame de Paris; the incense burner looked almost Roman on its three-legged iron feet. Here it was, addressing the divine with a giant tongue of smoke, which seemed to have too much to say to keep it polite. It seemed to be vomiting humanity's ire and grievances.

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