A Cherry Tree Against the Evil Eye // Un cerisier contre le mauvais oeil {Paris Street Photography & Poetry}


A Cherry Tree Against the Evil Eye // Un cerisier contre le mauvais oeil © Chant Wagner 2018

I have been visiting this cherry tree, each year for a few years, when the time comes around in the spring.

This morning, it was the first time that I was able to discern man-made objects in the midst of the delicate petals.

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Not just one, but a few. Like for well-wish trees in the steppes of Mongolia and Eurasia at large, bits of fabric, each embodying a better dream, tied to the branches, letting the wind spell it for them.

You could see pink and red twisted threads of cotton. And lest you still hesitated as to the meaning of these half-hidden symbols, an evil-eye thwarting turquoise bead with its black pupil would look back at you, letting you know without blinking that you had come upon an improvised believers' shrine.

The word in Turkish came to me, "boncuk"

A superstitious stop, I see

Of all places, by a medieval French abbey - and an antique Roman spa

A shrine well-travelled

You could have passed by and not see even the beauty of the cherry tree in bloom just for a few days before all the flowers are gone and a skeleton remains.

You could have come closer and still miss the tiny objects hanging off the tree if you had not looked inside the shadow heart of the cherry tree.

Clear as the day, this was a lesson in seeing, observing closer and closer till you reach one of the centers of things - and not just in gazing by.

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