Caswell-Massey Ros (2018): A Rose Scent for Both Men & Women {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


Caswell-Massey Est. 1752 has introduced a new, unisex rose perfume named Ros, which is inspired by New York botany and a Franco-American collaboration, which saw the master gardeners at the New York Botanical Garden team up with senior perfumer Laurent Le Guernec of IFF...

The blend, an eau de parfum, is said to be based on the capture / recreation of a living rose,

"...a living floral 'Scepter'd Rose' that bears three roses on each stem, blossoming throughout the summer in the southeast promenade of the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at the New York Botanical Garden."

Main traits of the scent personality are reported to be "intense, intoxicating, and lasts into the night."

Not much is given away as far as the fragrance notes are concerned. We are told: citrus, dark spice, amber and aniseed alongside the rose.

The brand insists the rose fragrance is masculine on the outer packaging, while elsewhere, the emphasis is put on its gender-neutral appeal.

SRP is $125 for a 3 fl. oz / 88 ml edp concentrated at 18%.

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