Four European Drugstore Beauty & Fragrance Finds to Swear By {Perfume Lists} {Beauty Notes - Makeup}


If like me you love to explore drugstore alleys hoping to happen on a hidden beauty & fragrance gem, you've come to the right page.

Here is a run-down of my latest finds to swear by and treasure. They happen to be top-quality outside of marketing blurbs and price inflations. I had to look for them long and hard before finding genuine quality...

H & M Cover-Up Concealer, the New Formula (shown here in Alabaster)

H & M have great, qualitative makeup products and one does not talk often enough about them. In my search for a super-performance under-eye concealer, I happened on this little gem boasting a new formula, which turns out to be super efficacious, according to my criteria.


Anna Magnani

If once upon a time in my twenties I would pray the heavens for bestowing upon me interesting under-eye circles, which eluded me, always, today - and while I have still kept my baby hair and still working assiduously on my baby-bottom face - I know I can switch between an Anna-Magnani look and a less sultry one for office-wear. Yes, under-eye circles can be that.

This concealer is luminous without giving you a subliminal-or-not panda look; it's not cakey; it's not drying; it does not look too fake and perfect, letting through your real personality; the range of skin color tones is wide; your eyes will be refreshed instantly, while still looking natural for only 6,99€ in the European markets.


Audrey Tautou in Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

Amélie Body Mist // Brume Corporelle Parfumée

Long story short, this fragrance mist smells oh-so-good, and yet it took me a few months to decide to purchase it. I thought it smelled great from the get-go - and a few minutes later, a woman was buying a few bottles next to me saying she was so happy to find a new batch, she had to hoard it. A few months later, I kept smelling this insanely great sillage on me after trying it anew, then on someone else, then on someone else further away, so much so that I had to ask. It was Amélie, again. This time I did not hesitate.

The description on the bottle reads,

"A fruity, feminine fragrance with Sicilian bergamot, Mandarin and Blackcurrant combined with seductive notes of Neroli and Jasmine in a warm base of Patchouli, Amber and Vanilla."

The scent projects a subtle, uber-feminine aura and I say kudos to the perfumer who composed the formula because this is real fragrancing at its best. You'll find it for 3,50€ at Primark. And yes, I got two bottles in advance just in case it becomes difficult to lay your hands on it. Plus, it's got a name which will bring back happy film- and Paris-lover memories.


Revlon Colorstay 24 Hours Wear SPF 20 Foundation / Fond de Teint

(shown here in normal/dry & in Ivory / Ivoire)

I had to try a dozen different foundation formulas before hitting the jackpot. This is a great product for giving you dewy skin. It feels and looks natural, while adding a sense of polish to your zero-makeup face. It catches the light right. Easy to apply. Exists for oily skins too. Highly recommended. Price is 10,95€.


Diana Ross holding a rose and a microphone at a concert

Woods of Windsor True Rose Eau de Toilette

If you're a fan of just the scent of crushed petals of rose, blooming rose bouquets - and in short, nature at its sappiest, this is a perfume designed for you. It smells of just a very realistic rose scent floating above crunchy green stems, that you would want to pick to keep in a sachet. It happens to be bottled for personal wear, with an added musky trail which evokes the smell of a summer day in the countryside when you would lick your arm out of happiness.

You can read on the packaging that this is,

"An elegant rose petal scent that combines crisp green violet leaves with rose otto and a warm damask rose to create a delicate English classic."

It's fresh, romantic and discreetly sensual without ever coming across as dowdy like an all-out rose perfume can feel sometimes. Available on the Internets for 18€.

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