Boucheron Tubereuse de Madras (2016) {2018 Perfume Review & Musings}


Tubéreuse de Madras by Boucheron from its niche library, Boucheron Collection

A tuberose folded in banana leaves, of heady consistency, with indolic gasoline spurts

the tuberose of a Harley-Davidson bikeress wearing a white, fresh dress with straps,...

stepping on the gas in high heels

then she stops at a gas station and orders a banana cream pie in a diner

there's Indian dessert on the menu

She can now feel the luxury of spices, of sandalwood palaces

by a lake under the moonlight

The sky is inky black - a blue almost black

childhood memories surface

of smelling like heaven and grown-up

the biker woman in a cool ajouré dress orders a glass of milk

she can still taste her pretty marvellous lunch in her mouth

she puts on some sunscreen to ride back under the sun

feeling mellow and creamy

Off she rides with jasmine and almond blossoms escaping from her exhaust pipe

leaving a trail of soft, salty clouds and oil fields faraway


MADRAS-Boucheron.jpg Madras - Fragrance Inspiration courtesy of Boucheron

Fragrance notes: orange blossom, violet leaves, passion fruit, ylang, frangipani, tuberose infusion, vanilla, tuberose absolute, sandalwood.

Eau de Parfum composition is by perfumer Christophe Raynaud of Firmenich

Scent personality in a nutshell: This is a tuberose perfume which does not completely give up its natural bite, but aims to show off its soft, mellow side. It's tuberose on a pillow.

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