Chanel Creates New Les Eaux Collection Inspired by Founder's Favorite Holiday Destinations (2018) {New Fragrances}


The house of Chanel is launching a collection of perfumes in June of 2018 called Les Eaux de Chanel comprising three eaux de toilette: Paris-Deauville, Paris-Biarritz and Paris-Venise. This new library of scents is dedicated to recapturing the spirit of brand founder Gabrielle Chanel as she expressed it in her choice of some of her favorite destinations...

Paris remains a key reference, the point of departure and the city she called home living at the Ritz, while contributing a major chapter to its world reputation as the capital city of fashion. She made it the capital city of elegance and style too, the latter which one can define as the permission to take leave from the diktats of fashion and appropriate for yourself lines, volumes, thanks to strokes of personal inspiration. While fashioning women, she always thought that women and men had to fashion themselves first and foremost. As a former milliner, she had the sense of the twist and added touch and detail which changes everything.

In-house perfumer Olivier Polge decided to explore those other places whose architecture, landscape and way of life were regularly in Gabrielle Chanel's field of vision. Deauville, Biarritz and Venise were places of business for mademoiselle Chanel for the two first at least and all three prized for their hedonistic qualities as holiday sea resorts. She saw a customer-base opportunity in Deauville and Biarritz.

What the new line does is call our attention to these localities as places of artistic inspiration as well.

Paris-Deauville saw the birth of Chanel's first boutique. Polge brings out the motif of a green landscape, the countryside facet of the seaside town. This results in a woody-aromatic composition with notes of basil and citrus.

Paris-Venise is said to be a "luminous, fresh yet sensual" fragrance evoking some of the Byzantine and Baroque richness of the city translated into an ambery scent with vanilla and tonka bean.

Paris-Biarritz pays homage to the locality in which Mlle Chanel opened her first couture house in 1915, and where she was reportedly struck by the vibrancy of the social scene.

Its fragrance means to suggest the energy of breaking waves and strong winds, as well as the dynamism of the resort. It's said to be crisp and invigorating with notes of citrus and lily-of-the-valley.

This is a concerted effort by Chanel to deliver what their interpretation of a fresh eau is and how they think freshness can be experienced in three different ways to start with. It remains to be seen if a consistency and distinctiveness of signature for the sensation has been sought.

Each Eau de Chanel is priced at $130 for 4. 2 fl. oz of eau de toilette.

[Via press release]

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