Nivea Men Eau de Toilette - Paris Saint Germain (2018): As Sporty as They Come {New Fragrance} {Perfume Review & Musings} {Men's Cologne}


Sea, surf and a beach shack covered with dried palm leaves. The new, limited-edition Nivea Men Eau de Toilette - Paris Saint Germain is the latest attempt by the German beauty brand to encroach a bit on the perfume world after proposing a jus for women meant to replicate the scent, legendary, of its face cream, legendary itself too...

This men's cologne will appeal to soccer fans as the bottle has been studied to feel like a collector item launched right on time for Fifa World Cup 2018 in Russia. Tag line is inspirational and legible in French on the outer packaging: "Rêvons plus grand !" i.e., "Let's dream bigger!" As for the blend itself, it aims to come across as fresh, sporty and clean, with a convincing seaside hologram embedded in your olfactive sensations for a bit of encouragement for the relaxed, subliminally escapist mindset to set in.

The fresh woody composition is pretty straightforward borrowing from the codes of mainstream masculine perfumery, with perhaps a touch enough of the natural world to avoid feeling overly stereotypical: that impression of breeze blowing on palm trees. It is a reviviscent blend designed to create an impact thanks to the dynamic, energetic tension between aquatic notes and woodsy ones, making the latter feel wet and floatsam-like; the lime bite is important too in the balance of the scent.

What you get from the start is pretty much what you end up with. The eau de toilette has realistic notes of cedarwood, fibrous and well-present to the nose. On the other side of the scent, you have watery, solar notes. While there is oakmoss in the base, the finish of the cologne evokes better sudsy soap in the shower of the Paris Saint Germain club after a match than anything more complicated than that. This might appeal to people who long for the unequivocal smell of a massive bar of soap trailing off them.

It is a nice little scent, not very lasting except for that whiff of cleanliness - a true eau de toilette. It could have been priced even lower for maximum impact on crowds of soccer fans in search of an olfactive souvenir of the footballistic summer of 2018. Women might want to check out whether or not that clean soapy ending is worth their attention as it makes the fragrance feel unisex enough.

Fragrance notes: lime, grapefruit, sea salt, aquatic notes, jasmine, muguet, cedrawood, oakmoss, musk.


Available, on my end, in supermarkets in France and the internet. Prices vary wildly from 10€ to 16€.

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