Visiting Les Champs de Chanel - Visual Sensations {Paris Street Photography} {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

levitating-out-of-happiness-in-les-champs-de-chanel.jpg Levitating out of Happiness at Les Champs de Chanel or What Fragrance Can Do to You © Chant Wagner 2018

For a few days last week, Chanel recreated a sampling of floral fields as you might see them in the Grasse region, transported to Paris for a moment of sensory discovery and marketing impact entitled Les Champs de Chanel (The Fields of Chanel). Iris, tuberose, roses, geranium and jasmine congregated on a 200 meter square area, walled in, with a bastide or typical Provençal homestead in the background.

Because perfume lovers are so ready to feel vicariously enamored with pictures of all-things-fragrance-related even when they can't smell them, we are posting several photographs that will give you an idea of the event...

The view from the bastide, with the Tuileries and rue de Rivoli in the background © Chant Wagner 2018

The high table where you were invited to sample and smell a selection of precious raw materials © Chant Wagner 2018
Mouillettes made out of partially porous white ceramic were proposed to help you test the floral essences and absolutes © Chant Wagner 2018


Smelling Chanel essences and absolutes © Chant Wagner 2018
A Pitchfork and Chanel Perfumes © Chant Wagner 2018
Farmers Behind Fragrances © Chant Wagner 2018

The theme for the installation was to show that behind the sophisticated object that is a perfume, there is a whole agricultural process taking place behind the scenes. You could sum it up as a didactic shortcut offered from field to fragrance flacon.

The kind of apron with a large pocket, which is used to pick flowers, rendered in gray and black © Chant Wagner 2018

No.5 en majesté // No.5 the star perfume of the house or the Biggest Bottle © Chant Wagner 2018


Pick Your Poison, So Long it's a Chanel © Chant Wagner 2018

Chanel brought out a small selection of house fragrances other than the cult No.5. There were the No.19 classic & No. 19 Poudré, I believe, Gabrielle, Coco Mademoiselle, Coco Noir, No.5 L'Eau and only one Exclusif, Boy.

In the end, my subjective takeaway was: Chanel's essence of geranium smells so good and rich, I might prefer it over their rose essence and absolute.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual visit!

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