Paying Respects to Lafayette - Happy Fourth of July! {Paris Street Photography}


Paying Respects to Lafayette © Chant Wagner

I noticed this small family

coming to pay their respects to General Lafayette

In a corner of Paris, which I love, oh so much...

A tee-shirt, the color of forget-me-nots

A deep blue gate

Then the colors aligned

And unwittingly, they composed the colors of the French and American flags, in succession

like pieces of a movable puzzle

and yet they were restful like a prayer

They carried that meaning that you can always carry with you wherever you travel,

be it forgotten in your mind

or showing fugaciously when encountering others,

on an ordinary day,

like so many in your life

The colors were saying silently

the words General Pershing uttered with great gusto across centuries in deep, unquenchable gratitude

With American but also new-world energy,

he cut straight to the chase

Lafayette, nous voilà ! / Lafayette, here we are!

And they all remembered what he had said that day

And indeed, they were there

Hope you had a lovely Fourth of July, wherever you might be in the World!!!

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