Sarah Jessica Parker Born Lovely: A Celebration of Beauty's Diversity (2018) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}


American actress and beauty entrepreneur Sarah Jessica Parker launched a new women's fragrance called Born Lovely, a flanker to her best-selling perfume Lovely issued in 2005 - still an olfactive reference for scent lovers and market analysts alike today...


The idea behind the new launch was to celebrate the universal inner beauty which exists in women as well as the outer diversity of beauty. To convey an immediate sense of society's plurality at hand, the ad campaign features three models - Sofia, Shivani, Tess - targeting the same age group, while leaving room for openmindedness about what feminine beauty can be.

Sarah Jessica Parker is standing with the three young women as a symbol of another generation which is leading and encouraging changes in perceptions. Tag lines are,

"a celebration of inner beauty begins."

The perfume is,

"inspired by the loveliness all women are born with, born lovely captures the youthful elegance and grace of modern femininity."

Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Born-Lovely-visual.jpg SJP explained,

"the lovely story feels as relevant now as ever and, like any good book,
the developing twists, new faces and fresh surprises are the hook. the born lovely fragrance is a contemporary update to the classic, starting a new chapter that we're all wonderfully excited to share."
- sarah jessica parker

SJP_Born_Lovely_ingredients_image.jpg The composition is said to keep the olfactory imprint of the first fragrance, while making it relevant to 2018 tastes, rather than being a simple stylistic variation. The flacon reflects both the continuity (same shape and same pink) and the change (a new gray tint colors the glass.)

The rethought eau de parfum has top notes of mandarin, peony and cassis seguing into a heart of blushing freesia, honeysuckle and orange blossom. The base rests on patchouli, cedarwood and caramel.

SRPs are $68, $52, $38 and $20 for 100 ml, 50 ml, 30 ml and 10 ml (rollerball).

Now available at Kohl's.

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