Serge Lutens L'Innommable is Latest Release in Skyscraper Collection (2018) {New Fragrance}

Serge-Lutens-L-innommable-fragrance.jpg French scent designer Serge Lutens launched a new unisex composition called L'Innommable in the Gratte-Ciel (Skyscraper) collection, which is home to a selection of house perfumes which hold particular meaning for the founder as illustrative of a higher plane of aesthetic achievement for him, it seems...

So far, the Gratte-Ciel library was listing older compositions by the house, such as Fumerie Turque or Fille en Aiguilles; L'Innommable is however a brand new fragrance. In French, it means something like "that which cannot be named"; "unspeakable". There is a hint of taboo about the word.

Olfactive clues the brand offer are that the scent rests on an accord of Siam benzoin and cumin.

As a preview, we can say that this smells like a spice bomb.

Lutens stated, laying the stress of the quality of silent eloquence that perfumes hold,

"What you will keep silent about, will speak for yourself. My benzoin is Siamese, but the sinews of its war are an infinite cumin." [Editor's translation]

« Ce que tu tairas parlera pour toi. Mon benjoin est Siamois mais le nerf de sa guerre est un cumin. »

The flacon is a beauty. Made of opaque black glass, its shape is meant to mimic a New York City skyscraper, while recreating the purity of lines and the love of regularity and angularity that Art Deco is known for.

SRP: 180€ /160£/ $230 & 120€/110£/$150 for 100 ml & 50 ml respectively.

[Source: press release]

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