Yves Rocher Mon Evidence (2018) {New Fragrance}


French mass-market giant Yves Rocher just launched a new fragrance for women called Mon Evidence, part of the Evidence series, which aims to reinvent the shall we say admittedly "posh" chypre genre for greater wearability and adaptability to busy daily lives for women worldwide (the Gallic brand is present in 88 countries)...

This time, perfumer Annick Menardo - who created the original Comme une Evidence - together with Mugler Angel creator Olivier Cresp paired-up to compose the new jus.

The formula is said to rest on a "modern chypré accord" mingling Rosa Damascena with patchouli and a soft vanilla.


The perfumers explained,

"Nature gives you a feeling of wholeness as well as renewed energy. We imagined a perfume in its image, one with vibrant and comforting notes to be able to reconnect with oneself. The luminosity of mandarin and the delicate quality of Rosa Damascena are wrapped in the softness of vanilla and the power of patchouli. Mon Evidence is about breathing and feeling whole." [Editor's translation]

«La Nature procure un sentiment de plénitude et nous donne une énergie nouvelle. Nous avons imaginé un parfum à son image, un parfum aux notes vibrantes et réconfortantes pour renouer avec soi. La lumière de la Mandarine et la délicatesse de la Rose Damascena s'enveloppent de la douceur de la Vanille et de la puissance du Patchouli. Mon Evidence est une respiration, un sentiment de plénitude.»

Annick Menardo et Olivier Cresp, Parfumeurs

The eau de parfum has main notes of mandarin, Rosa Damascena, vanilla and patchouli. Packaging is wholly recyclable. The box originates from eco forests managed sustainably; the cap is made out of ashwood, which is PEFC™ certified.

SRP: 39,80€ for 50 ml.

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