Before Winter Settles In {Poetry + Photography}

Fall_Massachusetts_7_blog.jpg Before Winter Settles In © Chant Wagner

Before Winter Settles In

Before winter settles in,

I wanted to go back to the days when the yellow tree shone

In my memory of fall in Mass...

I had forgotten it

but a photograph re-surfaced from the bowels of time nestled in my computer

I see I had called it in the time in-between departure and arrival - today being a stop

"Fall underscore Massachusetts, and seven"

Of all the possible sliding views of fall that I once laid eyes upon

A slim chunk of past perceived has re-emerged

Inside the minutes in which I'm writing this poem, you see me longing, oh so very much, for the light of New England

Its cold, glassy stillness

Its brilliance, unadvertized

Yet, even more blinding than under the Equator, if that were possible

Yes, it is

Go to Boston and be blinded by the sun

Buy sunglasses for when you need your shadows

Outside, the preternatural light of Massachusetts is pouncing without a care in the world

You remember strolling through cathedrals of light by the Charles river

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