Avon Smitten with Roses & Blushing Petals Body Mists / Brumes pour le corps (2019)

Avon-Smitten-with-Roses-Body-Mist.jpg Avon has launched two fragrances called Smitten with Roses and Blushing Petals as body mists, confirming the new popularity of lighter, enveloping scents doubling as beauty body products...

This way, you don't have to wonder where to apply your perfume. Simple, you just need to spray it lavishly all over your body. Body mists are studied not to overwhelm the senses, targeting people who have a yen for clean-smelling, shower-fresh perfumes.

Smitten with Roses has notes of "fragrant roses", crisp green leaves notes and zesty bergamot.

Avon-Blushing-Petals-Body-Mist.jpg Blushing Petals features a "floral fusion" of jasmine, rose petals and lily of the valley together with gourmand cherries and vanilla crème.

Formula is said to be gentle on the skin, as well as soothing. It's hypoallergenic.

Each fragrance is priced at $14, currently available at the introductory rate of $7,99.

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