Christian Dior Les Exclusifs Holy Peony (2019) {New Fragrance}


Christian Dior Parfums are releasing a new fragrance called Holy Peony in Les Exclusifs, a fresh fruity-floral composition said to be infused with a soft yet assertive character...

In-house perfumer François Demachy explained,

"Composing Holy Peony was like drawing the portrait of a woman whose charm is obvious. It is a peony created like an optical illusion, both floral and fruity, which calls for the sparkliness of red fruits. It is greedy for light, its perfume of apricot-y rose is the translation of the feminine roundness of its curves. This fragrance is adorned with a dash of woods and musks, giving it an amber-y charm. It offers the freshness of its green leaves and the red glow of its petals. Holy Peony is about a luminous wake, like a rose without thorns, soft yet assertive." [Editor's translation.]

« Composer Holy Peony, c'est faire un portrait de femme au charme évident. Une pivoine créée en trompe-l'œil, florale et fruitée, qui invite la pétillance des fruits rouges. Elle est gourmande de lumière, son parfum de rose abricotée traduit la rondeur féminine de ses courbes. Cette fragrance s'habille d'un rien de bois et de muscs qui lui donnent un charme ambré. Elle a la fraîcheur de ses feuilles vertes et l'éclat rouge de ses pétales. Holy Peony, c'est un sillage lumineux, comme une rose sans épines, douce mais affirmée. » François Demachy, Parfumeur-Créateur Dior

Main notes are peony, red fruits, rose, a green leaves accord, woods, and musks.

Available in 450 ml; 250 ml; 125 ml; and a new size of 40 ml. At press time, prices were not yet publicized on the Dior website.

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