Blue-Gray Landscape from Winter Trees in Paris {Paris Street Photography + Poetry}


Blue-Gray Landscape from Winter Trees in Paris © Chant Wagner 2019

I'll be posting a series of photographs on Winter Trees in Paris and how they mesh with city life while reminding us that nature is trying to find space and meaning in the gray streets of a capital city where they are taken for granted - just like mother earth is - although they're here to add not only their oxygen, but their beautiful lacy selves too to the surroundings...

In this first photograph, which I've picked for its classicism, the passer-by is reminded of how close the countryside is to the city. We are used to looking at both universes through a dividing lens creating a split-screen representation, although so many efforts are made in reality to capture some of the essence of the other. The truth is, there is a little bit of the countryside in the city and there is a little bit of the city in the countryside. It's a question of proportion.

Here Nature seems to be beating at the doors of Parisian walls and roofs now looking very much like a wind-swept sight by a countryside road. As a Parisian, you cherish such a view. Trees are life. If we had forgotten it, a tree in winter reminds you of this self-evident truth, with its stark branches against a cold sky pulsating with hidden life, looking exactly like human blood vessels, only visibly made of ebony coral and invisibly, of cherry coral.

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