The Insect Tower from Winter Trees in Paris {Paris Street Photography + Poetry}


The Insect Tower from the Winter Trees in Paris // La tour-insecte in la série "Les arbres à Paris en hiver" © Chant Wagner 2019

I'm suddenly chasing after wintry trees noticing their delicate shapes against the city. In this photograph, I see a tree offering its form as a screen to a tower, which then morphs into a new organism. It is now a giant insect and the building is beetle-like...

I am forever looking for coral branches; if the sea is faraway, you can turn to trees in winter and distinguish in their midst something that partakes of the spirit of the coral reef, especially those fans made out of red or blue or black or Sienna brown root coral, so intricate that they remind you of the tortuous mane of the Gorgon Medusa, hence their name in French: "Gorgone."


Blue-Gray Landscape // Un paysage gris-bleu from the Winter Trees in Paris // In la série "Les arbres à Paris en hiver"

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