Istanbul Lovers // les amoureux d'Istanbul {Parisian Street Photography + Poetry}


Istanbul Lovers // les amoureux d'Istanbul © Chant Wagner

Have you ever seen a scene of street passion?

When you're in Rome, do as the Romans do - and when you're street-photographying in Istanbul, do as Parisians do, i.e., be sensitive and open your eyes to street scenes of overt passion...

Have you ever spied lovers in Paris stopping in the middle of a street crossing oblivious to traffic because they had to stop and kiss?

They know car drivers will use their brakes and passers-by will envelop them with sollicitude

Only too glad to watch them butterfly-like alighting on a stripped flower, without wanting to crush them, but on the contrary, happy to catch a sign of their happiness

In Istanbul, in a somewhat off-main street corner, you might happen on such a scene oblivious to the passing of time and people

in a Muslim city much more liberal than you might think

Universals running deep like underwater current under head veils and cultural discrepancies

Perhaps he bought her a bottle of perfume

Perhaps he is smelling it on her while kissing her

An anthropology of what's so visibly human

And here you wonder:

Is it love? Is it lust? You're not sure, but you can at least tell that they are "in love."

Happy Valentine's Day! // Joyeuse Saint Valentin !

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