Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Ginger Piccante (2019) {New Fragrance}


Guerlain are issuing a new opus in the Aqua Allegoria line called Ginger Piccante.

The lineup is characterized by a leitmotiv note, bergamot, an essential perfumery ingredient for the house of Guerlain, part of the Guerlinade base...

This is the reason why they take great care and pride in sourcing the best kind of bergamot they can, which hails from Calabria in Italy. So sought after it is, that they need to develop a personal relationship with some of the agriculturalists. Called the "green gold of Calabria", you can smell its rich profundity in none other than in Shalimar.

In Aqua Allegoria fragrances, it is meant to add that "eau de cologne" touch which is a hallmark of the range. In the words of the house, these scents are meant to be as light as fresh colognes and as lasting as a Guerlain fragrance.

Ginger Piccante eau de toilette illustrates the idea of associating fresh and candied gingers with rose.

In-house perfumer Thierry Wasser created a perfume with top notes of bergamot, pepper and lemon; the heart features rose, fresh ginger, candied ginger; the base rests on white musks and cedarwood.

SRP is 96,90€ for 125 ml of eau de toilette.

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