Revisiting SJP Stash in 2019: Stash-upon-Paris {Perfume Review & Musings}

stash_sjp_tweet.jpg Three years later, here we are getting new impressions of Sarah Jessica Parker's scent, Stash, after wearing it in the streets of Paris yesterday, in a weather both springtimey and cool...

When it came out in 2016, it was noteworthy for its authentic attempt at offering a perfume corresponding to the niche codes of contemporary perfumery, while making it more widely accessible in distribution and monetary terms. See, Sarah Jessica Parker knows her stuff. She is one who perfumes herself in the streets of New York City in an unconventional manner, layering scents following her instinct and applying the great fashion principle of mixing-and-matching high-and low-brow. This experience of perfumista she brings to an unisex perfume whose bottle states right from the start: this is a cognoscenti perfume. You and I know what we're talking about. Stop and smell this perfume.

Secret hand shakes aside, the scent composition is an ode to Atlas cedarwood, whose animalic persona has been chosen to make the concoction truly magnetic. Do not try to listen to a symphony while wearing it; despite the complex list of notes including grapefruit, black pepper, sage, Atlas cedarwood, patchouli, ginger lily, pistachio nuts,smoky olibanum, massoia wood, vetiver and musk, the end result is meant to be single-minded in its purpose to smell like skin, ahem, on fire. We mean metaphorically, of course. Imagine you're crossing a desert of Arabian sands and there is no water hole in sight to quench your thirst, no oasis with any fruits to satiate your hunger - and yet, somehow, because you had the a-propos to carry a vial of scent with you, you manage to smell awesome. You smell of spices and old parchments. You feel parched, and yet there is life throbbing in your surroundings. The Atlas cedarwood in particular is extremely sassy and sexy. It's actually like wearking mink in the desert.

Yesterday, wearing that on-fire potion, that Sarah Jessica Parker took inspiration from in the streets of New York City and in particular from the vending cart of an African seller, and leaving its all-American sillage operate its magic in the streets of Paris, we had to come to the conclusion that it is indeed very effective.

For some mysterious reasons, which we can only attribute to the sheer power of SJP Stash only, passers-by looked mesmerized, it seems. Not just one, but rather like a legion of them, were throwing themselves at this perfume writer. Too effective? Maybe. But a darn good scent nonetheless. Don't take our word for it though. Spray on and let us know if you had to calm down people who became too excited in your vicinity for their own good. But not for the good of the magical art of perfumery; we'll let you be the judge it.

And remember, SJP Stash is a great scent, if and only if you want to get into trouble (wink, wink.)

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