A Portrait of Africa // Portrait d'Afrique {Street Photography & Poetry in Paris}


A Portrait of Africa // Portrait d'Afrique © Chant Wagner

Meandering through the streets of Paris, you may encounter a picture of Africa so vivid it looks like it's stepped out of an anthropology book on body adornments

What pushes people to build edifices on their heads that replace landscapes, beloved and left behind...

The crown of the woman's head has become monumental, sculptural in lieu of earth to tread upon and hold in her hands

It's become the space of tensions to resolve, of possible ubiquity

"Make Art, not War" seems to say the African woman's hairdo

Although something rings brassier

It is not frivolous to say that hair is war for many

One's own made of daily struggles and choices

Others' choice target for barbed remarks

This woman standing there behind her fringe of cinnabar pearls, her landscaped hair

has chosen the warrior stance; she's looking at the enemy with painted inky lips

On her fearsome head is resting on its edge Sun Tzu's The Art of War, colored bright and defiant

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