Lanvin A Girl in Capri (2019) {New Fragrance}


French fashion house Lanvin has released a new fragrance for women called A Girl in Capri, which is a perfume targeting young women in priority, if you rely just on their ad campaign, while taking the innovative step for the brand of launching a citrus composition featuring among other ingredients, Primafiore Lemon and grapefruit blossoms...

The scent story is that you have to imagine a fragrance which evokes the lifestyle of the dolce vita by the Tyrrhenian sea. Perfumer Sophie Labbé of IFF, who signs the woody-citrusy-floral jus, said,

"A Girl in Capri translates the vibrant fluidity sensation that makes us dream about Capri: cliffs that plunge in a sea of endless blue evoking the sweetness of life... the sun that shines through the lemon trees' leaves and invigorates our souls... To embody this unique and so Italian contrast, I've chosen an unexpected grapefruit flower as the starting point, bringing a fluid feminine freshness around both sparkling and floral notes. Then a joyful cocktail of yellow citruses balanced by a breath of blue woody scents as an invitation to this Italian paradise." -- Sophie Labbé

The eau de parfum reportedly showcases "an exceptional quality" of Primafiore Lemon essential oil perceptible in the opening together with bergamot and pink peppercorn.

The heart reveals an accord of grapefruit flowers and sea spray; the blooms were chosen for their relatively unspoilt character in perfumery; they are said to be aromatically close to the scent of neroli, only more sparkling and elegant.

The base rests on driftwood, which was conceptualized here as bespeaking of antiquity for having travelled for so long - decades we're told - and been polished by the sea, wafting of the intensity and mystery of "antique legends." White musks were added to express tenderness, harmony and gentleness.

Lanvin is known for its trademark blue color and this palette has been illustrated in the perfume with woodsy notes which are seen as blue ones by the perfumer. The yellow color seems to be a new departure for Lanvin; it symbolizes for them the necessity to be optimistic and be reminded of happiness - or happy moments.

[Source: press release]

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