Chanel Les Exclusifs 1957 (2019) {New Fragrance}

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Chanel launched a new composition within the Les Exclusifs collection inaugurated in 2006 called 1957. It is named after two meaningful numbers for the house, that of Gabrielle Chanel's birthday on the 19th of May, and that of the number of the address of the brand's biggest store in the United States on 57th street in New York city...

But 1957 is also the year which saw a recognition of the Chanel style by the wider American public.

The eau de parfum is signed by in-house perfumer Olivier Polge in collaboration with Laboratoire de Création et de Développement des Parfums CHANEL.


© Chanel

The blend is said to be inspired by American perfumery while taking a French perfumery approach to it. It is an opus, which is a study in white musks, of which 8 different types were used to create the jus. Its personality is said to be both discreet and powerful, a scent to be worn as a "parfum de peau" or skin perfume. It reportedly illustrates the Chanel ethos of "fake simplicity", a simplicity of style which rests on an underlying deep complexity.

While the focus is on white musks and the "luminous" impact they have on our senses, those are supported by honeyed, vanillic and cedar-y nuances. Other notes include pink peppercorn, coriander seeds and orange blossom.

Interestingly enough, Polge decided to take inspiration from an ambivalent French concept applied to perfume, the "sent-bon", which usually designates a fragrance which smells good but lacks personality. He, however, revisited the notion by attempting to understand why the brand founder Gabielle Chanel loved it so. Indeed, she is known to have insisted on wanting to create a clean perfume which could emulate the scent of soap. Instead of frowning upon the idea with disdain as any sophisticated nose is wont to do, Olivier Polge shows how far the concept can bring you when you travel the territories of sophistication. That is at least the project behind the new scent 1957.

[Source: press release]

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