Market Day // Jour de marché {Paris Street Photography + Poetry}


Jour de marché ©Chant 2019

One of the best ways to approach Paris is to get thee to one of its many open-air markets, some more bustling with life than others. It is also one of the best spots for observing the diversity that the city's inhabitants reflect. Here are four photographic moments from a day at the market...


Lonesome Hearts ©Chant 2019

A lady selling North-African pastries recreates an Oriental atmosphere with decorative textiles

Another lady sits on a bench by a tree seemingly oblivious to the call of love

The "call of love" is the portrait of a gentleman painted on a tree, who, as it happens, has the same nose as hers

If only she could see it as I see it

A lady peruses her smartphone by the Bible stand

Family before religion, unlike the way prophets proceed, religion before family

A couple is eating oysters, other market-goers are lost in thought

Not all thinking about food and what's it going to be for lunch

Have you noticed how people who wander on the streets of a city seem to be lost in a world of their own?

On photographs, it is so apparent

I like to capture those expressions of instant vulnerability


by-the-bible-stand.jpgBy the Bible Stand ©Chant 2019
at-the-oyster-stand.jpgAt the Oyster Stand ©Chant 2019

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