Happy Halloween - The View from Paris {Paris Street Photography}


Halloween 2019 - Car Hallows © Chant Photographer

This year, Paris seems to be awash in Halloween-fun accessories. It's not a given as the celebration is popular only in cycles. But in 2019, we're seeing peek Halloween, which means that not only are shop windows duly decorated, fashion shenanigans sold in black and orange and all kinds of gruesome details, store clerks dripping in blood makeup, but even French TV has been advertizing the seasonal horror mood as if hailing from the other side of the Atlantic...


Halloween 2019 - Zombie Clerks © Chant Photographer

But no, pinch me, and yes, we're just experiencing a Halloween awakening in Paris, France. All Hallows' Eve has taken the capital city by storm. It's so well discernable even on back streets that you can only think that it's not just mainstream commercial but cultural. Was a Halloween storming dictated over social media? Who knows? But it's effective. So,

Happy Halloween !

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