Jil Sander Softly Serene (2020): When Scent & Sleep Mesh {New Fragrance}


Fashion brand Jil Sander has issued a new fragrance for women called Softly Serene. The many ways in which it is said that you are invited to wear it for bedtime shows you that the concept has yet to gain full traction with the public. It is not just any perfume, but "a sensorial new fragrance which offers a pure moment of wellbeing..."

On the advert one can read "Pamper yourself with a scented lullaby." Then, one can further convince oneself with this tag line "Relax, reconnect, renew [...] Wallette Watson introduces your new bedtime ritual." Let's not skip this one too: "Quiet and peaceful as [...] Wallette Watson, a new lullaby is coming to you.

Jil Sander is surfing on the societal trend of the rediscovery of sleep benefits, sometimes taking place in the workplace, while echoing a fragrance-industry trend of devising sleep-inducing perfumes. Sleep is taken seriously nowadays and these new fragrances are a reflection of that wellness realization.

Softly Serene is an eau de parfum which smells of a top note of purple moonflower followed by a heart of jasmine, "gentle" nutmeg, and the "reassuring" scent of benzoin. The base of "sensual" sandalwood, "spicy" cedarwood and cashmeran are said to be "optimal for getting ready for the calmness of the night."

Available in 80 ml. Ancillary products include a massage oil and a hand cream.

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