Mugler Innovates with Rose Upcycling in Angel Nova (2020) {New Fragrance}


Mugler house of parfums is known for its innovative spirit in the field of perfume technology. Now newly owned by L'Oréal, which purchased the brand from Clarins at the end of 2019, Angel Nova demonstrates once again that knack for treading on the less beaten path. Or does it?...

For its first release under the L'Oréal stewardship, Angel Nova has chosen to be a rose composition, said to be fruity and woodsy. Its main accord is one of raspberry and rosa damascena.

One cannot escape the impression that rose is considered to be a safe bet because it is a classical note. Perhaps it is seen as a comfortable way to transition into a new corporate life, while maintaining the trademark unpredictable Mugler edge.

In the past, we were able to smell Mugler perfumes developed using Cognac-making savoir-faire, or enhanced by the maceration of leather strips.

In 2020, the brand has come up with the eco-conscious technique they call "upcycling", which means in this case that rose petals are extracted twice, using the "spent" petals a second time to create a new aromatic profile, thanks to the use of an enzyme.

The top notes of the eau de parfum feature an "overdose of raspberry" together with lychee. The heart showcases a "super natural rose". The base develops akigalawood and benzoin.

In 2006, Mugler had launched a rose version of Angel in the collection named Garden of Stars.

Angel Nova appears to be linked to Angel only in name. The paradox is that rose can be perceived as unpredictable in the Mugler universe, which is so zany, while charming conservatives at the same time.

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