Penhaligon's Halfeti Leather (2020) {New Fragrance}


British perfume house Penhaligon's Est. 1870 is issuing a new version of their 2015 composition Halfeti with Halfeti Leather, said to be a deeper incarnation of the original formula inspired by the blackish roses of Halfeti,Turkey...


The unisex eau de parfum is signed by French perfumer Christian Provenzano of CPL Aromas, who orginally created Halfeti in the Trades Routes collection.

Personality of the scent is said to be "warm, strong and reassuring." The house story-tellers have imagined a love symbolized by a spicy rose and jasmine, fraught with challenges. We are invited to perceive tensions in this complex composition rich with exotic ingredients. Its elegant sillage is deemed to be, once more, "reassuring."

For Penhaligon's it's also meant to be a statement about the stoical character of the British, only softened by their Epicurian leanings.

At a time when anything remotely associated with slavery might be seen in a visceral light, the house is stressing the links of commerce which are part of the history of a great trading nation and the efforts it took to move spices, flowers, fruits and such across continents. We must appreciate that form of diversity and reject the exploitation of man by man.

In Halfeti, the gardens now waft of a perfume, which top notes are bergamot, green notes, prunes, and a "fusion of agrumes." The heart revolves around lavender, cardamom, cumin, violet, nutmeg, cinnamon. The base rests on a leather accord, a "fusion of incense", oud, patchouli and a "fusion of cedarwood."

Now available for 204€ for 100 ml.

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