Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue, The Parfum for Men (2020) {New Fragrance - Men's Cologne}


American designer Ralph Lauren launched a new addition to the Polo library with Polo Deep Blue, which concentration is given as the highest in "parfum" form.

If the original Polo was notable for its unpublicized intensity, its descendant now claims it with a word borrowed from the world of feminine fragrances, as masculine perfumery today has become more transgressive in this respect, since Guerlain and Hermès opened the path more than 10 years ago...

Perfumer Carlos Benaïm of IFF signs the composition as the original author of the fragrance (in the green bottle) issued in 1978-1980.

Polo Deep Blue bespeaks of the aromas one encounters in an ideal setting by the sea under tropical climes,

Inspired by the cool deep ocean and lush island scents, this powerful parfum--the most highly concentrated level of fragrance--opens with a wave of refreshing citrus and green mango amplified with CristalFizz™, a unique aquatic ingredient that boosts the intensity. Aromatic cypress and clary sage add another level of sophistication, freshness, and sensuality to the fragrance.


The parfum offers top notes of Cristalfizz™, Hawaiian green mango, grapefruit eo., and bergamot eo. It segues into a heart of Cypress oil, geranium absolute, and clary sage oil. The parfum lingers on thanks to notes of a Deep ocean accord, musk accord, patchouli oil, Fir Balsam resinoid, and Ambroxan.

One can note that there is a return to natural ingredients in industrial perfumery - and Polo Deep Blue exemplifies this attraction for naturalness. There is a host of natural essences in it, which, as always, lend a living character to bottled fragrances. Plus, green mango is rather intriguing in a men's cologne. Sounds like one to try.

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