Sol de Janeiro Sol Cheirosa '62 (2020) {New Fragrance}


The Brazilian creator of the Bum Bum Cream Sol de Janeiro has decided it's time for a perfume to embody the idea of smelling extremely good, wafting such goodness that everyone wants to know what you're wearing. Sol Cheirosa '62 is that scent...

"Cheirosa" in Brazilian Portuguese means,

" smell incredibly delicious. Everyone notices and everyone wants to be cheirosa. It's a way of life and a way of loving life. Celebrating summer and all the sounds and sensations of Brazil,"

sol_de_cheirosa_62.jpgThe eau de parfum was created by perfumer Jérôme Epinette of Robertet. It's modelled after the scent of cult Bum Bum Cream just like Nivea did for their household-name cream. It's described as a warm, spicy and gourmand scent mingling salted caramel, pistachio, jasmine petals, and vanilla.

You're invited to spray on top of the Bum Bum Cream for higher intensity. When in Brazil,

"To be cheirosa, you can't be shy! In Brazil, they spritz fragrance all over and head to toe"

1962 is a reference to the song "The Girl from Ipanema (Garota di Ipanema)" There you have it, the Brazilian way of life bottled for you, with an inspiration from the seaside in the South of France and Grasse, as the French nose behind the new potion hails from the region. We're expecting very sunny notes and much "joie de vivre," in case you care for these trappings.

Price is $78 for 50 ml.

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