Van Cleef & Arpels Santal Blanc Showcases New-Caledonian Sandalwood (2019) {New Fragrance}


The Collection Extraordinaire by Van Cleef & Arpels saw a new addition to its lineup of gender-neutral, exclusive perfumes last year in 2019 with Santal Blanc N°2694IFG (White Sandalwood), 10 years after the beginnings of the scent library...

The composition is by perfumer Michel Almairac of Robertet, who decided to focus on the natural creaminess of the material, which easily suggests feelings of tenderness and the color white. He said,

"I wanted to recreate the sensation of a soft, soothing wood oil, [...] Sandalwood, with its creamy texture, was an obvious choice in my mind because it subconsciously evokes the idea of a pure and tender white. To accentuate this facet as much as possible, I added a note of fig milk and a powdery musk accord."

The sandalwood in Santal Blanc is sourced from New Caledonia, a special collectivity of France and an overseas part of the French Republic in the Pacific region. There, Kanak agronomist Jean Waikédré was able to develop anew an ancient 19th century varietal of sandalwood growing in the Loyalty Islands, which is now used by the house of Chanel, making a first appearance in Les Exclusifs Jersey.

The eau de parfum features notes of mandarin, sandalwood, fig milk, musks, powdery violet, almondy tonka bean. The sillage is said to be "cottony" and "enveloping."

Thid is the first time that a flacon in the Collection Extraordinaire is coded white, with a white-lacquer effect.

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