Olfactive Creation has New Nest: Symrise L'Appartement Etoile {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}


Fragrance company Symrise have inaugurated what they call a new hub for perfume creation, located by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The setting is a spacious Paris apartment, homey, inviting and contemporary in design. It harbors a fragrance lab as well as a piano and comfortable furniture for relaxing and working...


The space which opened on July 22, 2020,

"...is meant to reinvent and elevate the creation process, offering an intimate, immersive hub for fragrance ideation. Its inviting ambience and breathtaking view of the iconic Arc de Triomphe provide a unique and inspiring backdrop to spark ideas, create opportunities and encourage creative collaboration."


appartement_etoile_5.jpgIts first event

"featured a classical music concert by the award winning Trio Chausson. During the concert, Symrise fine fragrance perfumers Maurice Roucel, Annick Ménardo, Emilie Coppermann, Alienor Massenet, Pierre-Constantin Gueros, Alexandra Carlin, Marine Ipert and Suzy Le Helley together created the signature scent of L'Appartement. They say it was inspired by the juxtaposition of the classical music and the contemporary interior design."

appartement_etoile_6.jpgVia press release

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