Black History Month 2020, The Scented Way {Perfume List + Street Photography}


Ce que je vois de derrière mon buisson I - What I See From Behind My Bush I © Chant Wagner

I took two photographs yesterday. I've never been to Africa, and yet I can dream about it, in my own way, and hope to make this journey one day. Green is one of my favorite colors, so I added touches of it in the picture. Here is the ensemble of colors I saw...

As a companion to these two pictures, I also link to a repost of Africa-inspired perfumes: buchu, violets, coffee, are all fragrance notes you can find in perfumers' representations of this world of rich olfaction...

If you're short on time, we recommend the interview Bint el Sudan (1920): The African Chanel No.5 // Interview with Nick Evans of International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. {Perfume Q & A - The Scents of Africa}

Otherwise, please check out the post Berdoues Maasaï Mara ≈ And a List of Africa-Inspired Perfumes (2017) {New Perfume} {Perfume List}


Ce que je vois de derrière mon buisson II - What I See From Behind My Bush II © Chant Wagner

We all originate from Africa, n'est-ce-pas, it's just that some have remained home, others have left a long time ago and others still more recently.

Happy Black History Month!

En vous souhaitant un Joyeux Mois d'Histoire Africaine !

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