Tann Rokka Kisu (2001) {Perfume Review & Musings}


Kisu by interior design brand Tann Rokka was created in 2001 by perfumer Christian Provenzano and artistic director Azzi Pickthall. The name of the fragrance mimics the Japanese way of pronouncing the English word "kiss". It was inspired by Japanese bath rituals.

Kisu presents some of the olfactory nuances and combinations found in Agent Provocateur, also developed by Azzi Pickthall, but as if it were its tamer little sister. Whereas Agent Provocateur may appear assertive and even brash, Kisu plays the cards of softness and subtlety while evolving into a persistent skin scent. Another point of reference is Narciso Rodriguez for Her in Eau de Toilette concentration. Similarly, Kisu offers the same type of combination of soft woodyness and light aqueous fruitiness.....

Kisu is an incense-y, woodsy and slightly fruity scent due to the rosewood, with clean undertones thanks to marine notes. It is hazy in texture. There is some development, but it is not dramatic. The dry-down is wonderful. The perfume is sensual, mysterious, and even meditative in quality. It appears to be an ideal oriental summer scent.

In this case, the Asian influence does not stop at the packaging but is revealed through a recognizable Western and Asian (mostly Japanese) typification of Asian scents or Asian-market oriented perfumes. L'Eau d'Issey's concept with its aqueous tone and lightness is somewhat infused into that conception of what an Asian scent might smell like. One can also identify a predilection for dry incense-y notes as found, for example, in the classic Zen by Shiseido.

Notes are ylang-ylang, rosewood, cedar, Eastern musk, marine notes. 

You can find Kisu at Aedes, Luckyscent, Bergdorf Goodman, and Henri Bendel.

Photo is from Luckyscent

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