Giorgio Beverly Hills Giorgio Glam ≈ The Girl Next Door (2016) {Perfume Review}


We'll say it right away. We like the new perfume by Giorgio Beverly Hills, Giorgio Glam. Not because it is earth-shattering, or anything like that. It's because it smells good, with an element of nostalgia attached to its olfactory imprint. It's a throwback, not to the 80s mind you, but to the noughts, to our nose. Its scent might even have seeped into skincare jars {See Perfumes Inspired by Beauty Products}...

A third reason why we like it, is because it's a moving scent, not because of the nostalgic aspect only but also because it evokes skin - perhaps even a mother's skin. There is an emo quotient to the composition. We spotted its brethren emotion in Avon x Cynthia Rowley Flower & Petal (now discontinued).

And then, if you insist on wearing über American perfumes, you'll be pleased. It could not have been born very far away from US shores. It smells both crisp and creamy; it's an ode to the white-blossom bouquet but made relaxed and musky. In other words, this is a type, a typical scent, a jazz standard running its course across popular culture - but effective if you like all of the above.

We like it probably for all the wrong reasons that a perfume critic could come up with. Also, it does not smell like Giorgio - at all - except for the white-floral bouquet connection.

The opening is crisp and fresh, with a nice salty-musky kick to it for contrast. Giorgio Glam is quite diffusive. Overall, it remains an abstract musky, woody floral which evokes the aura of a heady bunch of snow-white flowers mingling with the clean perspiration of a human being who's eaten spices; there's honey - because bees swarm to such flowers - and cream. It's the scent of the girl next door in America - and it's charming in that unaffected way.

Fragrance notes: Solar Magnolia, Wild Cyclamen, Spring Peony, Summer Plum, Iris, Jasmine Sambac, White Heliotrope, Golden Labdanum, warm Sandalwood and Amber.

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