Caron Pour Un Homme Parfum (2017) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


Caron has introduced a new version of its 1934 men's classic fragrance, with now a parfum interpretation called Caron Pour Un Homme Parfum...

The composition, created originally in the Art Deco period by Ernest Daltroff, which is known for its lavender-vanilla-amber signature, has been reworked so as to allow for the lavender notes to appear sooner and to make a more explosive impression.

William Fraysse in the Caron Lab


In-house perfumer William Fraysse, who succeeded his father Richard Fraysse in 2016, signs here his second solo composition after Pour un Homme Sport.

Notes are lavender absolute, lavender essence - both sourced from Haute Provence - vanilla, musk and amber.

William Fraysse comes from an old line of perfumers; his great, great grand-father Claude Fraysse composed Yardley Old English Lavender, a fact, which apparently today, Caron is not keen on stressing, citing fewer generations of family noses even when it wishes to underscore the historicity of the family adding that William Fraysse's son is four and perhaps a next-generation Caron perfumer.

Available in 75 ml for 98€.

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  1. Re : Dusan Zabrdac

    Wasn't there already a parfum version called Impact or something?

    Answer : Yes Dusan, Impact was presented as an extrait de parfum in 2005. Notes are eerily similar. Issue with fragrance world is distinguishing between perfume marketing and perfume history.


    Chantal-Hélène Wagner

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