Caron Pour Un Homme Sport (2015) {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne}


Caron are introducing a new flanker to their classic men's fragrance - with an unisex appeal - Pour un Homme called Pour un Homme Sport...

According to the house, this new iteration takes liberties with the original making it smell more modern, fresher, while offering new olfactory nuances.

"Pour Un Homme frees itself from the olfactory and aesthetic codes of Pour Un Homme, the original. The oh-so characteristic aromatic signature gets enriched with new raw materials of agrumes, spices and woods. From the very elaborate orchestration of these new notes is born a perfume which is full of strength, a prelude to the new Caron man." (Our translation)

The composition is signed by perfumer William Fraysse, the son of Caron's Richard Fraysse. The Fraysses are a famous family of perfumers, but not particularly so to the public, rather to the circles of the perfume industry. Claude Fraysse, William's Great Grand-Father, composed Yardley Old English Lavender in 1913.

The new eau de toilette has top notes of grapefruit, green mandarin from Italy, verbena from India, mingling with an absolute of green lavender from France, "a tip of the hat to the first fragrance." The heart features blue ginger from Madagascar, nutmeg from Indonesia and cedarwood from Virginia. The base rests on tonka bean, benzoin from Siam, white musks and an infusion of natural ambergris.

Price: 81€ for 125 ml.

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