Diesel Only the Brave High (2017) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


Diesel is launching a new flanker to Only the Brave (2009) in spring of 2017 - we wish to underline winter is on its way out - called Only The Brave High, a more intensely fresh version of itself, which aims to ask the question "What if?"...

"When it comes to greatness, you can tell yourself it's too high..." says actor Liam Hemsworth, playing the Brave hero of today. "Or you can ask yourself, what if?"

Heroism as a theme in perfumery has gained currency with perfumes like Icarus, Olympéa, Invictus, but also the new Gaultier superhero-themed scents.

You can't help but wonder if apart from the video games references obvious in the Brave High commercial layout, we are not, once again, being confronted with today's demons.

But let's remain playful, not thinking that this is necessarily a post-West reference to a new brand of Triumph of the Will, which would have seeped into perfume bottles.

The new eau de toilette opens on top notes of citruses, ginger, peppermint leading to a heart of Cashmeran, Ambrextrême and moss, while the base rests on aniseed, a so-called Arctic accord and lavender.

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