Chanel Unveils New Commercial for Upcoming Gabrielle Fragrance {Perfume Images & Ads}


Chanel is gradually unveiling a landmark advertising campaign for the house entitled The Year of Gabrielle, which we evoked yesterday. Today, part of a short film dedicated to portraying the founder of the brand Mademoiselle Chanel and entitled "Gabrielle Chanel, A Rebel at Heart" has been made available...

It is an animated feature in black and white. It is not as inspiring as a movie would be, but it more or less intriguingly plays with the codes of propaganda. The message of what is Chanel is hammered on as if you heard it from a mouthpiece in a Soviet factory.

Is is amusing? Not really. It is mostly dark. Perhaps its main cultural interest is that it seems to reflect what many people see as dark times today. The message "Blend true with false" has a different ring to it than just meaning selling the artifice of fashion. You understand it is about Gabrielle's art of reinvention of herself. But in today's parlance, it immediately echoes the phrase "fake news". With the overall brooding mood of the short, you have to wonder indeed if something of the political atmosphere has not brushed on the animated film.

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