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  1. Many years ago, I wore a fragrance by Parfums de Rosine...Cote d'Or. Henri Bendel in NY carried it and, suddenly, they stopped carrying it. When I asked why, they said they just could not get it anymore.
    Is that fragrance still be created?
    Thank you for any information you can give me.

  2. Hi Sue,

    I think you mean Coupe d'Or. It is discontinued to the best of my knowledge.

  3. Where can I buy the New Nina by Ricci In San Antonio Tx ??????

    D Moody
  4. I am looking for Rose Ispahan 7ml/2.5floz. I initially found it through the Yves Rocher catalog.I ran out then found an independent seller in Dallas,TX. I can only find mini bottles on line and have yet to see the bath gel. Any ideas where I can find it in San Antonio,TX?

    R Granderson
  5. I'm looking for a men's cologne that is similar in smell and price to Abercrombie & Fitch's Woods Cologne. A&F discontinued this cologne in 2006.

    Any suggestions as to the closest thing that's available?

    Thank you.

  6. Is there anywhere I can get the Ambergris by Alyssa Ashley (Houbigant)?
    Or does anyone know of a similar perfume?
    Caroline :0)

  7. Do you know if there is a perfume in Australia (or anywhere else, for that matter) called Piaf? There was an Australian back in the 70s named George ? who introduced the fragrance in Boston. It was a tough go, however, and he moved back to Australia. Please reply to

    Ned Van Winkle
  8. Could anyone help me find bottles of Premiere perfume made by Castelbajac several years ago?

    Nan Pratt
  9. Do you know who the makers of Samba are? The bottle is purple and looks like stacked dough nuts? Thanks!

    Anita Heath

  11. I am obsessively searching for an aftershave that would smell like the ocean and sequoia wood. Basically trying to find something that would smell like my visit to the Northern California coast a few years back. I use Acqua de Gio right now, and it is OK but not what I am searching for. Please help!

  12. Fred, maybe you could try Aqua di Sale by Profumo(sp). Its pricey but a seafaring venture to the scent. Let me know.

  13. Is there anywhere I can get the Ambergris by Alyssa Ashley (Houbigant)?
    Or does anyone know of a similar perfume?
    Caroline :0)

    Posted by: Caroline | January 27, 2008


    I recently obtained Houbigant Ambergris decanted from the Perfumed Court.

    I keep doing good deeds and finding perfumes for others. I am looking for Civet from the same trio, so hope someone will be kind enough to do the same for me!

  14. where i can find perfume version red

  15. In response to Fred's question concerning an "oceanic" aftershave. Give Bvlgari Aqva Marine a try, it smells wonderful and is definitely in line with the type of scent you are after. It has more aqua elements than the original, reminiscent of invigorating sea spray. Good luck!

  16. Back in the 70's there was a great perfume by Geoffrey Beene called "RED" it was simply glorious ! Do you know where I could find it ??

    Sandie Mapp
  17. where could i find the last remaining bottles of the scent "mukki" by fresh???


  19. I remember Geoffrey Beene's "Red", which was one of three 'color' fragrances offered at the same time that included 'Basic Black' (heavenly!) and 'Nude.' I have not seen them since the mid-to-late 1980s despite actively searching for them. They were marvelous. I wish I knew where, or if, they could be found. Hopefully someone could steer us in the right direction?

  20. where can i buy Ilaya perfume please.

    • Through the brand's website to my knowledge.

      Chant Wagner
  21. Red, Nude and Basic Black were fragrances by Bill Blass, made and distributed by Revlon. Not Geoffrey Beene. I worked for them at the moment of launch and nude and red were amazing

    • Looking for who made a perfume called Red Chiffon in the 80's does anyone know who made it or where to get in ? Thanks

  22. My deceased daughter worn a fragrance called Amber Musk,don't know the maker, my grandaughter remembers this scent on her mother and was wondering if it is still available to purchase.

    • I am truly sorry for your loss.

      There is a perfume called Amber Musk by Shiara, which is quite popular and can be found at online discounters. There is another Amber Musk by Laurence Dumont, which is more France-based as a brand, so you might want to check first with the Shiara perfume.

      Chant Wagner
  23. Does anyone know where in Dallas, TX I can buy the new Ralph Lauren fragrance "Notorious"? I'm not having any luck finding it! Thanks.

  24. Back in the early 90s, Borghese had two fragrances out, XI and XII. They discontinued them & then I heard they were in discount stores. Any one know where I can get these?

    Susie Guerrero
  25. Please,where can I buy Dior homme sport perfume in London?

  26. My daughter bought me a perfume 15 yrs. ago from a little french dress shop in Westwood, Ca. It was called Tatoo......know where I can get it? I don't think it is Tatoo Amour..
    Sylvia Ellingwood

    sylvia ellingwood
  27. I am looking for a bath oil that came out in the late 50's and/or early 60's and the name of it is Franaud 105. Has anyone ever heard of it or know where I can obtain it?


    Lynne Bryant

    Lynne Bryant
  28. I am looking for a bottle
    of Mukki by Fresh, had i know it was going to be d/c
    I would have sticked up..anybody seen any?

  29. dose anyone make a scent close to sandelwood rose by bath and body works???????????????

  30. I am in the USA Looking for an Eau de Toilette, bought in Nice, France, year 2000 called Bleu De Nice (vanille coco) perfumer PierSaintPier, does anyone know how to find that Thank You Diane Grable

    Diane Grable
  31. I notice there are not any "Trish Mcevoy" reviews on this site. Does anyone have comments or a review to share for her new "9 Sexy Blackberry and vanilla musk" purfume?

  32. To Marie-Helene Wagner: Saks Fifth Avenue carries Notorious by Ralph Lauren. It's lovely!!!

  33. lancome magnifique und armani code sind besser....
    die sind für die echte frauen;)

  34. hi,i am trying to find info on a perfume i am so mad about!this is real sweet vanilla and is by marcella called primeur pour femme,made in paris.all i know is that it is made by a lady who comes from dubai? it is quite an expensive perfume at £85.oo but worth every penny!the scent affects my mood and puts a smile on my face,you have to try this.

  35. availability please where and price of new perfume by TOM FORD called WHITE PETCHOULI as i should like to buy this for my daughter for xmas if poss please thank you and obliged to you i look forward to your reply ! cee addington

    • I see it at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus for $92 and $138. Wait, I realized you're from the UK. You can find Tom Ford perfumes at Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in London. If you live in a different part of the UK, please check the site for retail locations. They are implanted in a number of cities.

      Chant Wagner
  36. Does anybody know where I can find Ralph's Lauren Polo Blue for Woman? It seems to be discontinued...

    Isabel Ried
  37. Are there any fragrances remotely close to the Fredericks of Hollywood perfume?

  38. Last year for Christmas I got Bath & Body Warm Vanilla Sugar Perfume Mist. I am not able to find it at Bath & Body, only the EDT. Is it coming out again?

  39. I remember "Red". I wore it all the time and always got compliments. There was a second version but I cannot remember the name - but it was not as nice.

  40. 70's called boots&saddle
    where can i find it

  41. To Anita Heath, March 28,2008 -SAMBA perfume in purple plastic bottle which looks like stacked doughnuts is made in France
    and distributed in U.S.A. by Perfumer's Workshop, N.Y.

    Kaye Hogan
  42. I wore Must de Cartier Parfum (not EDT) from 1983 until 2001. It then no longer smelled good on me. I have been told it was modernized/tweaked, then told it hadn't been. Does anyone know truthfully one way or the other? I MISS IT SO MUCH!

  43. HEPL!
    what is name of male model for Givenchy Very Irresistible Fresh Attitude?

  44. Looking for Parfum du Monde's Polo. Can't seem to find it on the web. I bought a large order aprox. 2007 but can't find now. Any information would be helpful. tks.

  45. I purchased a fragrance called Thrill one year. I didnt keep the bottle because I thought I could get more. I have gone everywhere to find it again and cant. Its a tall circular bottle, which came inside a tall circular container. Think it had a yellowish writing on it. The fragrance was to die for. I have to find it again? Anyone heard of it?

  46. Does anyone remember two fragrances (colognes I believe) from late 1950's-early 60's called "Summer Shower" and "Christmas in July". I think they were sold by Prince Matchbelli - haven't seen them in 40 plus years. Would appreciate any info.
    Thank you.

    Rita Walsh
  47. I was eating dinner in Manhattan in a sushi restaurant when a table of 4 sat down next to us....within 5 minutes the ladies perfume empowered the area...i was absolutely in love...yet i heard them talking it was not my language of English. the perfume was extremely powdery, yet had a violet scent to it....soft and quite a statement.....might u be able to suggest this day i am so upset i didn't even try to ask was fabulous...probably a scent from Europe , and i cant even get it here...but i have been trying to look up anything i could online, and i have been quite unsuccessful...PLEASE HELP..

    • I will answer you in a separate post as other people might chime in.

      Chant Wagner
  48. My favourite perfume - Lou Lou by Cacheral is being discontinued. Any suggestions for a similar fragrance!

  49. I have an unopend bottle of La Coupe d Or De Rosine. It belonged to my wife who passed away. It is umopened in it's origional box and celepohane wrap. Is this an antique perfume?

    Joe Castiglione
  50. from 20 years ago i remember the crisp floral fruity smell of this COLOGNE with a word Fleur in a name of it. A'la anais anais or gaugen painted flowers on a label . Long simple siluette of a squarish glass bottle with a rounded wooden cap. Any suggestion ???

  51. busco perfume frances rose noire christine arbel 100ml lo vi en internet pero noes el que busco .es una botella negra con una flor en rosa y el tapon es blanco haciendo forma de hojas y el borde color oro ponerse en contacto si saben donde comprarlo gracias un saludo


    • Sara,

      I hope you understand English. I don't see the bottle you mention, only the one that is wholly black. I hope someone can help you out. If I see the item you're seeking, I'll remember to let you know.

      Chant Wagner
  52. I know Fredericks of Hollywood quit making their wonderful perfume, It was the only one I would wear. Does anyone know of something that smells like it?

  53. looking for the the fragrance Calyx by Prescriptives - the powder, though. Was there ever a bath powder made. I remember one, years ago - but can't find it now, not even on the Prescriptives site. Is there a chance that the company quits promoting something it yet it is still being produced?
    If it is no longer being produced, does anybody have any suggestions on how to make a body powder using the perfume or toilet water? Thanks for any leads - lmc

  54. is there any perfume that is similar to original tova signature

  55. Hi - I'm looking for two elusives. VERY SEXY for her by Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood. I see that one listed here by others...any ideas?? Thanks.

  56. do you have an address for houbigant? i am trying to find the perfume called ambergris. i know they made it in 1975, and discontinued it in the 90 s but im still looking for a stray bottle. i loved that scent. mary lou

    mary lou linkenbach
  57. Answer to Q on La Coupe d'Or by Les Parfums de Rosine.


    La Coupe d'Or (The Golden Bowl or Cup) was I believe among the first fragrances to be released by Les Parfums de Rosine a small perfume house now located at le Palais Royal in Paris. It is discontinued as far as I can tell.

  58. I'm looking for 3 perfumes 1.chaos by Donna Karan 2.basic black by bill blass 3.unbound by halston there all old perfumes if you have them or know where they could by purchases give me a jingle thanks Kelley daniels

    Kelley daniels
    • Kelley,

      All these perfumes can be bought on eBay. Chaos was re-edited recently (black tubular bottle).

      Chant Wagner
  59. Unscented talc can be ordered from a pharmacy. It costs about double the price of Cashmere Boquet. Put some perfume (or cologne) on a cotton ball, place on top of the powder and seal up. In a week or so remove the cotton, and you will have scented powder.

    nikki mcmains
  60. can someone please help me with a review of dunhill london and dunhill black perfumes torn between ysl l'homme and dunhill black and chanel allure pour homme edition blanche and dunhill london....i checked out base notes and all but none has done a proper least some opinion would quite new to perfume btw.

  61. I am another person looking for the perfume RED by Geoffrey Beene. It was not by Bill Blass, as someone commented; The one by Geoffrey Beene is what I used to wear and suddenly it was discontinued. Nothing else smells the same, even now. I keep searching. Is there any way to get the "recipe" or even the ingredient list so I can try and approximate making my own, if it is impossible to find any left out in the world??? It had floral top notes, woody and spicy middle notes and a musky bottom note. Just unbelievably sexy and female, all the way through its trajectory on the skin. Thanks for any info you can offer!

    Judith Rosen
  62. I'm still looking for a fragrance that smells similar to the discontinued Fredricks of Hollywood. Does anyone know of something similar. You can get it on ebay but they want too much $ for it. Thanks for the input!

    Candy Corp
  63. I am looking for the following fragrances:

    Eau de Patou de Jean Patou

    Geoffrey Beene, launched in the early 70's. It came in a navy blue package.

    Deneuve by Catherine Deneuve

    Thank you for having this site!

    Mary O'Neill
  64. I am trying to find marcella primeur por femme if anyone can help please? My elderly mum loves it and I need to know where I can purchase it for her birthday as soon as possible.

    Marion taylor
    • I remember purchasing it once on eBay Germany.

      Chant Wagner
  65. hola, conoceis un perfume llamado rose noire christine arbel me encantaria encontrarlo si alguien sabe donde puedo comprarlo me podria escribir un correo. en este enlace en ebay hay una foto del perfumepero es usada y yo quiero comprar alguna nueva$_14.JPGun

  66. I know Fredericks of Hollywood quit making their wonderful "F" perfume, It was the only one my husband Likes on me.He is very ill & I would like to know if you know of something that smells like it?
    Thanks so much, Sincerely, D.


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