100 Bon is New 100% Natural & Affordable French Fragrance Brand Made by Robertet (2017) {New Perfumes} {Green Products}


100 Bon - a New, 100% Natural Perfume Label with Roots in Grasse

100 Bon, which is a play on the French expression "sent-bon" (a nice scent), but also on the 100% natural contents of the perfumes, is a new French label debuting with 10 fragrances: Nagaranga & Santal citronné; Eau de Thé & Gingembre; Cèdre & Iris soyeux; Labdanum & pur Patchouli; Bergamote & Rose sauvage; Myrrhe & Encens mystérieux; Oud wood & Amyris; Carvi & Jardin de Figuier; Néroli & Petit Grain printanier; Davana & Vanille Bourbon...

Our ingredients are natural and truly authentic, all coming from a sustainable agriculture.

Our fragrances are genuine compositions, unique creations by specialized master perfumers from Robertet.

Our perfumes are 100% natural, without petrochemicals, without artificial colors, without any synthetic ingredients. We even use organic wheat alcohol. We even use organic wheat alcohol."

They are all eaux de parfum made by fragrance supply & creation company Robertet in Grasse.


Bergamote & Rose Sauvage:

Top: Verbena, Lemon,
Heart: Rose, Geranium, Cherry Blossom,
Base: Vanilla

Carvi & Jardin de Figuier:

Top: Mandarin, Fig, Raspberrry,
Heart: Violet, Jasmine, Rose,
Base: Cedarwood, Creamy note

Cèdre & Iris soyeux:

Top: Orange, Neroli,
Heart: Cedarwood, Iris, Powdery
Base: Vetivier, Incense, Benzoin

Eau de Thé & Gingembre:

Top: Citronnella, Lemon,
Heart: Floral (a touch of Jasmin Sambac), Powdery,
Base: Amber wood, Vetiver, Cedarwood

Labdanum & Pur Patchouli:

Top: Freshness,
Heart: Patchouli, Vetiver,
Base: Vanilla, Labdanum


Myrrhe & Encens Mystérieux:

Top: Agrumes, Cinnamon,
Heart: Myrrh, Patchouli, Amber Wood
Base: Musk, Myrrh, Incense

Davana & Vanille Bourbon:

Top: Mandarin, Lychee, Plum,
Heart: Rose, Jasmin Sambac, Patchouli,
Base: Cedarwood, Vanilla

Nagaranga & Santal citronné:

Top: Orange, Grapefruit,
Heart: Pink Peppercorn, Cedarwood, Patchouli,
Base: Amber

Oud Wood & Amyris:

Top: Peach, Thyme, Pink Peppercorn,
Heart: Muguet, Ylang Ylang, Geranium,
Base: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedarwood

Néroli & Petit Grain Printanier:

Top: Orange, Lemon, Mandarin,
Heart: Orange blossom, Neroli, Jasmine,
Base: Vanilla, Petit grain

The scents are available in 10 ml, 50 ml and 200 ml for 12€, 33€ and 54€ respectively.

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  1. You know where one can buy them?!

    • In Paris, they are sold at Printemps department store

      Chant Wagner

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