Diesel Only The Brave (2009): Fist-Bump with your Cologne {New Perfume}


After the huge success of Fuel for Life, Diesel has imagined a completely different scent housed in an unconventional figurative bottle for its new men's cologne named Only The Brave. The flacon represents a clenched fist with a two-finger ring inspired by Diesel founder Renzo Rosso's holding company and charity foundation both called Only The Brave as well as his own two initial R & R tattoos on the hand. L'Oréal reportedly asked him for something a little extra personal to help construct the identity of the new perfume and these are the insignia both parties came up with. Rosso also hopes to build awareness for his charity foundation through the perfume and has promised to unveil a major charity project in a year or so.

The new masculine cologne is described as being artsy and virile in spirit, going three ways as far as the fragrance personality goes: oriental, woody, and leathery...


The fragrance was developed by a creative team of three perfumers from International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF): Aliénor Massenet, Olivier Polge and Pierre Wargnye. The composition is said to play with contrasts. Notes include: leather, lemon, dry cedarwood, amber...

The ad campaign was photographed by British photographer Platon and features model Tony Ward, an ex-beau of Madonna's, plus two as-of yet-unnamed models. The ad image echoes the two-finger ring motif with a play on two glaring little spots of light.

"The range comprises 30-, 50- and 75-ml. eau de toilette sprays, priced at 33, 49 and 67 euros, respectively (or $42.50, $63 and $86.50 at current exchange rates), plus 100-ml. aftershave lotion and balm (51 and 38.90 euros or $65.75 and $50) 200-ml. shower gel (25.50 euros or $33) and 150-ml. deo spray (25.70 euros or $33)."

Only The Brave EDT already had its launch party in Germany (see next post) where it is slated to debut at the beginning of March 2009 before rolling out to France in mid-April and the rest of the world in May.

In September 2009, collector editions of the perfume will be available as decorated by three street artists, reproducing in this manner the very successful emphasis put on the fashion credentials of the perfume bottles of Diesel Fuel for Life.

A new Diesel feminine perfume is said to be in the works.


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