Blocki - A 19th Century American Perfume House Comes Back (2015) {New Perfumes}

Blocki_for_Walks.jpg Blocki Est. 1865 is an American perfume house founded by John Blocki now revived by his great-great-grandson with three debut fragrances: For Walks, In Every Season, and This Grand Affair...

"Blocki Perfumes is an American heritage perfumery that is passionate about creating beautiful images through fragrance." [...]

"The perfumes were created with diligence and patience; harmonizing timeless classic structure, exceptional naturals and vibrant modern notes. Turn of the century spirit with a fresh modern edge. [sic]"

All three perfumes were composed by perfumer Kevin Vespoor of Berje, a specialist supplier of natural raw materials. Each scent takes inspiration from a different passage of Emma Blocki's memoir from 1872.

For Walks is described as "an earthy forest violet wreathed in cool spring greens."

'As soon as the snow was melted but the soil still frozen, we took a walk into the forest where we heard the first larks chirp; we did this always. With expectation we looked forward to father's birthday on April 22. To prepare for this, far ahead of time, we gathered moss, ivy, forest violets, crowfoot and anemones; the day before we wreathed everything in the house. And so the beautiful spring began for all of us.'

The eau de parfum opens on top notes of violet leaf, mint and fir needle followed by a violet and boronia flower heart while the base features orris, vetiver, sandalwood and cedar.

In_every_season.jpg In Every Season is a musky floral.

'A giant chestnut tree with its magnificent flowers was in front of the house. There was also a little flower garden in which stood a comfortably equipped linen tent. This was a popular sojourn for the whole family; breakfast and supper were eaten there. Oh, with what feelings one thinks back at all the places where one spent the happy days of childhood. It gave us pleasure in every season...'

The eau de parfum has head notes of quince, Bulgarian rose, neroli and bergamot with a heart of lilac, jasmine and dianthus resting on a base of amyris and musk.

This_grand_affair.jpg This Grand Affair is "a festive oriental illuminated by a modern citrus twist."

'If I had to give a picture of the American life, I would compare it with the situation at the resort. The entire activity, even the sentiment of the people, acquires an American character. It was King Fr. W's birthday on August 3 while we stayed there at that time. It was a festival for 8 days, celebrated by water rides, illuminations, fireworks, etc. I sometimes still think about this grand affair.'

The perfume opens on a citrus duet of grapefruit and neroli and sweet woody davana oil leading to a heart of Bulgarian lavender, rose d'orient, petitgrain of lemon and mandarin. The base lingers with vanilla, musk, tonka bean and patchouli.

Each 50 ml bottle is priced at $165.

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