Moschino Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette: So Meta! {Fragrance News} {Fashion Notes}

moschino_fresh_fragrance_i_phone.jpg Italian fashion house Moschino under the artistic leadership of Jeremy Scott have fully revived their zany streak and taste for pop culture, amplified ten times. The latest sight gag Scott has come up with is called Fresh Couture, using a super meta reference to perfumery...

moschino-s16-47_fresh_fragrance.jpgBella Hadid modelling Fresh Couture on the runway of Spring 2016 © Davide Maestri

Using one stone to strike several birds at once, "Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette" is a print motif on a dress but also an IPhone 6 case and finally - no doubt - a manifesto on perfumes that smell like Windex at times as they aim for a maximum clean feeling. The fake perfume ad has likewise a pretend tag line, "The freshest fragrance."


Model Soo Joo Park and K-Pop singer Chaelin Lee aka CL © Stephane Feugere

The short dress is made to look like a walking washing machine once you wear it. The back pack looks like a box of laundry detergent. If you use the IPhone cover, which is already sold-out on their site, you might look like a willing fashion victim or a hard-core Moschino collector, or a perfumista/o wearing her/his irony directed at wan perfumes on their sleeves.

Jeremy Scott likes to re-fashion perfume bottles. So far, that's given a teddy bear and a winged tennis shoe.

Photos Via Moschino and WWD

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