The Body Shop Black Musk Continues to Explore Olfactive Colours (2015) {New Perfume}


The Body Shop are launching a new interpretation of their White Musk called Black Musk - after introducing Red Musk last year - which riffs on dark oriental notes...

The composition is signed by perfumers Cécile Matton and Ralf Schwieger of Mane. The co-creators said,

Cécile: The idea was to explore the darker side of musk. We wanted to create a gentle juxtaposition between light and dark elements to find a contrasted sensuality.

Ralf: We wanted to express the sensual nature of musk, that fantastic element that tickles your curiosity and make you want to come closer.

Black_Musk_Body_Shop.png The composition opens on top notes of Bambinella pear, pink peppercorn, and bergamot. The heart has notes of licorice, heliotrope and ylang ylang. The base features an accord of black musk and notes of dark vanilla and patchouli.

The blend is available in 60 ml edt, 50 ml edp and 20 ml perfume oil forms. The alcohol-based fragrances use organic sugar cane alcohol from Ecuador.

Via The Body Shop Club Poland; Kosmetik

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