The Body Shop Red Musk (2014) {New Fragrance}

the_body_shop_red_musk.jpg The Body Shop will launch a new fragrance from October 2014 called Red Musk...

The advertising tag line is "Scandal in a bottle."

The eau de parfum references the brand bestseller, White Musk (1981) which was reinvented several times over the years thanks to new twists on the original scent. In 2007, there was a White Musk for Men. Last year in 2013, there was a White Musk Smoky Rose. Flankers have been too numerous over the years to be all be listed here.

Red Musk was composed by perfumer Corinne Cachen of Drom Fragrances. It is said to be a spicy musk offering a top note of fiery chili pepper seguing into a heart of cinnamon and finally featuring a tobacco accord in the base.

One of the constraints put on the creative process was the idea to create a feminine fragrance without any floral notes in it.

Price: $45 for 100 ml.

Via Daily Vanity

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