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This fall, The Body Shop introduced a novel masculine version of its bestseller White Musk launched more than a quarter of a century ago in 1981. It is called White Musk for Men. The composition is signed by perfumer Evelyne Boulanger who also composed L'Artisan Patchouli Patch, Zagorsk, Jaisalmer in the Comme des Garçons Incense Series as well as Carnation in the Red Series, amongst others.

The fragrance was designed to smell more virile thanks to the addition of pronounced dry woody notes conjuring up the evocation of fast and hard driving in a scorched desert atmosphere.....
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White Musk for Men is a clean musk cologne resting on a strongly smoky vetiver base. The smokiness is pushed to the point where it smells of burned tires and hot dry asphalt. This facet suggests a very masculine universe centering on the pleasures of car-driving culture. The vetiver here feels more urban than vegetal; a slight waxy nuance even suggests car wax.

There is a discreetly sweet floral facet (jasmine and lavender) to counterbalance the drier, more petroleum-like notes, and garage atmosphere.

The blend even leaves a subtle taste of electricity and metal in the mouth - the latter impression due to the geranium leaves' naturally steely-smelling facets. The scent however does not come across as cold but hot and dry. The hotness becomes more softly warm in the long drydown as the tonka bean releases its savory-sweet facets (the savoriness has been accented), balmy, and leathery overtones. The almost gourmand feel suggests what treat it is to drive alone as a form of leisure.

The dryness and figurative elements of the composition suggest fast car-driving with windows completely cranked down - or alternatively in a convertible - perhaps in the South of France (light and crisp lavender), on a day which makes your throat feel parched and your lips sandy, yet you are reluctant to stop as you just want to feel free and step on the gas.

Top note is lavender; heart notes are geranium and crystal jasmine; base notes are vetiver, sandalwood, amber, musk, and tonka bean.

You can purchase the Eau de Toilette, 100 ml for $24 at The Body Shop

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  1. Hello,

    Where can i buy this on the web

    Frans de Koning

    • At thebodyshop-usa.com if you're in the US. At the online Body Shop stores in general.

      Chant Wagner

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