It Smells Like Brooklyn {Fragrant Reading}

Eau de Brooklyn.gif

No, this is not a Bond No. 9 perfume, although it sounds like one.

A neurologist is fascinated by the impact scent has on memory and a family-based enterprise delivers the essence(s) of Brooklyn in a creation called Eau de Brooklyn.

People tell how it reminds them of places they have visited, of smaller areas within the neighborhood...

"Father and daughter went through many different formulas until they came up with one they liked.

"It was refreshing and full of energy," he said, adding that the first form of Eau de Brooklyn was a soap, created two years ago; a spray perfume was released this summer.

"We live in Brooklyn and we love the place, so this is the best name for it," said Oribe, whose practice maintains offices in Manhattan and Queens. "It's uplifting and full of energy, just like the borough."

Read more at the New York Daily News.....

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